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The Nature of the Script

As Stella Adler once said, “Don’t call yourself an actor – call yourself a script interpreter. Because if you can’t interpret a script, you won’t be an actor for very long.” What does this quote mean to you? What is the point Stella is driving home? Do you know how to interpret a script? Why […]

The Actors Currency

The currency I see most actors spending their time on is their looks. They spend 10 to 15 hours a week in the gym but never see a play. They spend thousands of dollars on products and clothes, but won’t pay to watch every movie that’s nominated for an Oscar. They’ll spend countless hours updating […]

Being In The Game

Auditioning, especially when you are new to the industry, is stressful. There is no doubt about it. Yet, even for the experienced actor, anxiety and fear can creep in and chip away at your audition. Why? Well, nine times out of ten I find that it lies in the actors sheer want and need to […]

They vs. It

THEY are casting directors, directors, producers, the networks, and, yes, even you.   IT is the script.   In an audition, how do you bring the script to life while giving them what they want?   You don’t. It’s a myth.   The myth has you squeeze, contort and bend yourself into something that you […]

Why You Should Take An Acting Class

Acting classes are an amazing investment for both those that want to become an actor and those who just want to gain valuable life skills. For aspiring actors, acting classes are an amazing place to learn new skills from a professional while interacting with others who want to achieve the same goal. Communication One of […]

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