CREDITS (partial list)

PASSAGE (Short Film) | Drone Operator 2017
FAKE MAKE UP (Music Video) | Drone Operator 2017
THE RUBY SUNS (Music Video) | Drone Operator 2017
BEDTIME STORIES (Showcase, 8 plays) | Supervising Director 2017
ZERO-ZERO (Short film) | Writer / Director 2017
Official Selection Florida Film Festival (Academy qualifying festival)
SOUTHSIDE WITH YOU (Feature Film) | Acting Coach 2016
ZOMBIE BASEMENT “Sitting Shiva” (Web-series) | Director 2014
HAPPYLAND (MTV) Full Season | Acting Coach 2014
GREGOR’S RED BALLOON (Play, CalArts) | Guest Director 2012


RANDALL WHITTINGHILL STUDIO Los Angeles, CA | Private Acting Coach and Teacher 2009-2016

  • Founder and director of a private acting studio that manages a roster of professional actors regularly appearing in prime-time television, film and theater productions.
  • Created a revolving group course, From Page to Stage, to teach beginning, intermediate and advanced acting techniques using a syllabus and method exclusive to the Randall Whittinghill Studio. 


  • Performed character research; organized and chose scenes for all the second-year directors.
  • Recruited a group of actors and assigned them to a scene and director; mentored, trained and effectively delegated tasks to both actors and directors.
  • Provided senior-level technical consultations and support for directors on how to relate with and guide the performances of actors, from seasoned professionals to beginners.
  • Managed close relationships with both actors and directors; advising them on role interpretation and delivery, using speech, gestures, and body movements; conducted creative analysis of text.
  • Led performance review sessions with the actors, identified operational gaps and what worked for them, revised and improved on delivery styles.

INNER CITY SHAKESPEARE (BAFTA) Los Angeles, CA | Director and Teacher 2012-2013

  • Coordinated the development, implementation, leadership, and management of all lesson plans/rehearsal schedules; planned and executed successful classroom management techniques.
  • Directed the play, which included detailed read-throughs where texts were broken down to help students identify with and relate to the material in their everyday lives.
  • Increased the overall performance of students by adapting and modifying instruction to suit learning styles for students at all levels; monitored student progress and maintained communication with parents.
  • Researched and evaluated emerging instructional methods and rehearsal schedules, and recommended changes to delivery methods, based on information such as current or future performance requirements.
  • Developed excellent rapport with students to gain their confidence and increase student participation while fostering a positive, fun and relaxed learning environment.

SARAH LAWRENCE COLLEGE Bronxville, NY | Teacher 2006-2007

  • Instructed a course in puppetry and movement for high school students; increased their overall performance by adapting and modifying instruction to suit the learning styles for students at all levels.
  • Prepared lesson materials, exhibits and demonstrations; presented all subject matter using lectures, discussions and group activity.
  • Monitored student progress and maintained communication with parents in regards to student progress, ensuring modifications are being made to assist all students learn and succeed.

PS30 ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Yonkers, NY | Guest Teacher 2006

  • Inspired a group of 5th-grade students to create, produce and perform a shadow puppetry play using images of child labor from the 1900‘s.
  • Presented subject matter to students, supervised activities, and assisted children individually or in small groups to help them master acting and puppetry techniques.

CS211 ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Bronx, NY | Guest Teacher 2005

  • Oversaw semester-long writing project for a group of thirty, 8th-grade students, which included the creation of an original production and directing students in group performances.
  • Collaborated with classroom teachers in order to coordinate instructional efforts.
  • Conducted demonstrations to teach basic playwriting techniques and worked with students to help them master individual roles and reinforce learning concepts.


Licensed Part 107 Small UAS Remote Pilot
Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, NY      Master of Fine Arts in Theatre Directing 2006
California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA        Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Acting 2002


RED WING PERFORMING GROUP Los Angeles, CA/New York, NY | Lead Puppeteer 2006-2010

Performed at: UCLA Live! Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), The Here Arts Center, The Hopkins Center for the Arts at Dartmouth and St. Ann’s Warehouse, among others

  • Utilized movement technique, music vocabulary and experimental dance in large-scale puppetry and marionette productions; collaborated and performed in Who’s Hungry with artists Dan Froot and Dan Hurlin, as well as with Erik Sanko and the Kronos Quartet on The Fortune Teller and Dear Mme.

PHANTOM LIMB COMPANY New York, NY Lead Puppeteer/Assistant Set Designer 2006-2009

  • Supervised the crew, build and carry, rigging and tool maintenance while maintaining a safe, efficient, organized and clean working environment of all shop and production operations.