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randall whittinghill size matter 2

Audition Stories: Size Does Matter (Part Two)

by Michael Rahhal The casting assistant comes out of the room. Young, normal looking, she ignores us all. “Ben?” she asks. One of the basketball players stands up, bursting into action. He flashes his veneers, running a hand through his thick, black hair. “Let’s party!” he says. The assistant laughs, charmed. The rest of us […]

randall whittinghill size does matter

Audition Stories: Size Does Matter (Part One)

by Michael Rahhal It’s raining. I pull into the enormous lot of the Sunkist building—an island of brick and wood surrounded by a gray moat of blacktop. Signs direct me toward the visitor’s parking area, and rain hammers the roof of my pick up as I park. I’m as far from the main entrance as […]

They vs. It

THEY are casting directors, directors, producers, the networks, and, yes, even you.   IT is the script.   In an audition, how do you bring the script to life while giving them what they want?   You don’t. It’s a myth.   The myth has you squeeze, contort and bend yourself into something that you […]

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