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randall whittinghill killing babies

The Writing Process: Killing Babies

After taking notes and implementing them, I expand the circle slightly, taking another round of notes. By this stage, I’m confident that I don’t have any major structural problems but am open to new ideas. But before sending it out, I give the screenplay to someone who proofreads and cleans up the grammar. Because of […]

randall whittinghill notes no no

The Writing Process: Notes No No-s

I use a specific technique to give notes that allows me to be of service, whether I like the content or not. I ask the writer/artist what they are trying to say with the work. That way, it is not about me and my taste, but about whether what they have done is getting their […]

randall whittinghill rewrite away

The Writing Process: Rewrite Away

The rewriting process can be challenging at best, demoralizing and un-ending at worst. The first lesson I learned was to carefully select my notes givers. These people aren’t necessarily writers, but are familiar enough with screenplays that the format won’t affect their experience. I have two or three people whose taste and opinion I respect, […]

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