Acting classes are an amazing investment for both those that want to become an actor and those who just want to gain valuable life skills. For aspiring actors, acting classes are an amazing place to learn new skills from a professional while interacting with others who want to achieve the same goal.


One of the most useful acting skills that you will learn in an acting class is how to communicate better, what it means to be an active listener and how these make you empathetic. You will also discover what it means to become more confident in your own voice.

Being of Service

What you’re doing, acting, is not about you or what you want or what you feel. Sounds harsh but bare with me. We must learn to put our ego aside. Acting is purely about being of service to the story, the characters, the author, and everyone who is watching you. Your work is currency and that currency is being returned to you fivefold in terms of the people whom you are serving, the audience. Actors affect the lives of people who watch them. When you start to grasp this idea as an actor, it will not only transform your acting but it will affect your everyday life as well. In an acting class being of service to others is one of the main skills that you will learn, and it’s a skill that can be very useful to have in your everyday life as well.

Fear vs. Growth

As an actor you will be performing in front of many different people and need to learn to get over any fear you may have of doing so. We do this by taking the focus off performance and placing it where it belongs, on preparation. It’s not about your being nervous it’s about learning how to prepare so that you have a better opportunity to actually be in the moment. If you’re not nervous then you’re not a human being. Being in an acting class is a great place to get over these fears and start to learn how to use that energy to your advantage. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to watch and learn from other in your class who are attempting to do the same thing.

Understanding point of view  

When you approach a role you must start to understand that character’s point of view and how they see the world. Actors portray characters whose personalities, viewpoints and feelings differ greatly from their own. As a result, it’s important for actors not to judge their characters point of view but, instead, to begin to realize that character’s point of view as a reality. How does that character justify their beliefs? What circumstances brought them to this point of view? Because, in fact, and to quote Stella Adler, “the truth does not lie in the actor but in the circumstances.” Moreover, it’s your job to be open and vulnerable to those circumstances because the characters you’re playing are.

Having this knowledge as an actor and just as a human being is extremely important. In everyday life it gives you better interpersonal skills and can help you build better relationships, whether they are personal or business related. This skill allows you to become a more empathetic person. By understanding other people you understand yourself better and become a better human being.

Build your network

One of the best way to book a gig is through a personal connection. The more people that you know the easier it is for you to get hired for a job. Taking an acting class gives you the opportunity to meet other people in the business that you wouldn’t have met otherwise. Creating a network within the industry is extremely important and an acting class is one of the best ways to start one. If you want to act then just take a fucking acting class.